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Indelible Connections

What others have said about this book

This is a wonderful study resource for any-one who is seeking to deepen their under-standing of and appreciation for the biblical context of Christian discipleship. John At-kinson shows great depth and breadth in his writing and reveals a warm pastor’s heart and a sharp theologian’s mind. Highly recom-mended.
Alex Jacob M.A. M.Phil. Author of
The Case for Enlargement Theology.

For centuries Christians have been unaware of the rich heritage of their Hebraic roots. Thankfully things are changing, more and more believers are becoming aware of the Jewish origins of Christianity and John At-kinson’s book represents a significant mile-stone in the processes of change. Reflecting intellectual rigour but thoroughly accessible, Indelible Connections will surely promote new growth and new levels of maturity among individuals and communities as God’s people seek to become better disciples of Jesus the Messiah. This is an excellent resource for lay readers, pastors and aca-demics. I commend it to you.
Dr Don Stanley Director CMJ Israel.

The Author

John was converted to Christ in the Assemblies of God having grown up in the Anglican Church. After spending some time in the Pentecostal movement John worshipped at the evangelical Anglican Parish of St Johns Wynberg under the ministry of The Revd Bruce Evans. In 1976 John was employed by the parish of All Saints Plumstead as a fulltime lay min-ister and Youth worker until in 1979 John moved to Grahamstown and trained for the Anglican ministry at St Paul’s Theological College.
John was married and ordained in 1981 and he has served the majority of his ministry in St John’s Parish Wynberg.
While at Christ Church Kenilworth, John completed a BA Social Work degree majoring in psychology and marriage counselling. He then returned to the field of theology with post-graduate studies in Old Testa-ment.
John is the director of CMJ South Africa and the chair of the CMJ International Conference.

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Redeeming Ruth

There is far more to this deceptively simple tale than meets the eye. Although only four chapters long, it teaches us how individuals and nations can redeem their history. Beneath the surface story you will encounter a deeply personal and caring God who is as concerned about healing our past as he is about planning our future.

Price: ZAR150.00

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Unmasking Esther

This is not a superficial look at the story of Esther but a well-researched placing of the characters in their historical context. The links to the New Testament should open the minds of those whose picture of God and his plan for humankind starts in the gospels and ends with Revelation... Believers are so much the poorer when they neglect to study all of God’s revelation. Here is a book that will stimulate a desire to know much more” - Brian Gardner, former lecturer at Fort Hare and Port Elizabeth Universities, South Africa

Price: ZAR150.00

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