Israel Tours


John has been conducting educational tours to Israel (Holy Land), Jordan and Egypt since 1992.

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Since 1981 John  has been involved in a pastoral and teaching ministry specializing in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Hebraic background of the New Testament.

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His tours offer time in Israel and Jordan with expert local guides. A variety of tours of different duration are offered from time to time. Usually John does not conduct more than one tour a year.

Tour preparation includes orientation lectures in Cape Town for those able to attend.

Notes of the lectures will be available to tour participants.

…been to Israel?
An advanced tour with one of the most respected biblical teachers in Israel – David Pileggi. Explore the Jewish roots of Christianity as we immerse ourselves in the world of the Second Temple period.

Tours include…

►      Hotels, breakfast and dinner, transfers included,

►      Entrance fees, luxury coaches all included.

►      Experienced Tour Leader and Expert Guides

►      Comprehensive preparation before departure

  1. Experienced leadership.  John has been travelling to Israel both individually and with tours since 1992. He is well known to the tour operators in Israel and has an excellent working relationship with them.
  2. Biblical background.   He is an Old Testament lecturer who runs courses in the Old Testament designed to bring Scriptures to life for the average reader. This background knowledge of the Bible, and the geography of the land of Israel, ensures an educational tour that will enhance your knowledge of the Bible and inspire your faith.
  3. Spiritual Leadership.  An ordained minister since 1981. His excitement and enthusiasm about the relevance of Christianity for the post-modern world fuel this ministry. His commitment to Christian teaching and evangelism are well known.
  4. A Jewish Perspective.  John is the Director of CMJ SA (Messiah’s People) and the Chairman of the Board of CMJ ISRAEL. (The Church’s Ministry Among the Jewish People). He has a special interest in Judaism,  the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, and in the rediscovery and understanding of Jesus in His own context.
  5. Unique Preparation.   Informative preparatory lectures on geography, culture, history and aspects of the tour before we leave. will ensure that you derive the greatest benefit possible.