Parables from the Messiah

Why do Jesus’ parables have such a deep impact on us to this day?

John Atkinson asks the question, “Where did Jesus get his parables and the parabolic method of teaching?” Did he simply copy the traditions of rabbinic literature? To answer these questions John looks at two parables with which most Bible readers have difficulty. Even many scholars have drawn contradictory conclusions. These two parables are found in Luke’s gospel (Luke 11:5 8: “The Friend at Midnight”; and Luke 18:1 8: “The Unjust Judge”).

In her two sessions, Edith Sher unpacks the parable of the Prodigal son by setting it in its Jewish context. She believes that the focus of the parable is not on the lost son or the loving father but on how we perceive our Heavenly Father. An obscure passage in Deuteronomy provides the key to the drama. She looks at what the parable would have meant to its original hearers and then applies it to the followers of Yeshua today.

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