The Christian Witness to the Jewish People after the Holocaust

No event in modern history has so adversely affected the way that Jewish people perceive the Gentile world. How should Christians respond? With antisemitism on the rise as never before, the answer to this question is crucial.

David Pileggi, who earned his MA in Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University, grew up in Tampa Florida before moving to Israel in 1980. He first worked as a journalist before joining CMJ Israel as the Director of Shoresh Tours. He has conducted several tours of Poland focusing on the Jewish community before and during the Holocaust.

In 2008 David was appointed Rector of Christ Church, the oldest Protestant church in Jerusalem.

In these powerful DVDs, he brings his extensive knowledge and experience to bear on the all-important topic of Christian witness to the Jewish people in an age where a second Holocaust seems imminent.

Price: ZAR150.00

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