The Messianic Secret

Why it is so important to understand Jesus in his Jewish context?

John Atkinson gives a vital teaching on why we need to know the Jewish Jesus instead of making a Jesus in our own image. He argues that a de-judaised Jesus can be co-opted for every cause and purpose, both godly and ungodly!

John also explores the multi-layered approach of the synoptic Gospels. He demonstrates how the very structure of the Gospels parallels the disciples’ growing understanding of who Jesus is.

It is commonly taught in the Church that first century Jews were expecting a military Messiah who would free them from Roman rule. Edith Sher introduces a very different kind of Messiah awaited by the Jews of his day, namely the Leper Messiah. This suffering, outcast Messiah has been lost to modern Judaism. Yet he mirrors and represents the outcast nation. In her second talk she focuses on how the Leper Messiah, our sin-bearer, overcame death. This is marvellously foreshadowed in the three instances where he raised the dead.

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