Voice of the Prophets

A true prophet only speaks when spoken to by God.

John Atkinson explains the role of the prophet in the Hebrew Scriptures. He addresses the problem of contemporary false prophets within the Christian community by comparing them to the false prophets who gained the attention of the Jewish people during the first temple period.

In John’s second address he deals with the ministry of Jesus (Yeshua) in the light of the prophetic model found in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Edith Sher focuses on the prophet Jonah and brings this deceptively simple story to life by exploring the subtleties of the Hebrew text. Jonah is regarded as one of the “minor prophets” yet within its four short chapters are hidden the voices of the other prophets. Jonah is usually regarded as little more than a children’s story about a man in a whale. Yet it is one of the most ingeniously constructed stories in the Bible. Was Jonah reluctant to go to Nineveh because he was a Jewish bigot? Why did the people of Nineveh repent so wholeheartedly at his message? The story poses many intriguing questions but also contains a serious warning for the church today.

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