Yeshua: the Prophet like Moses

John Atkinson and Edith Sher examine the character of Moses and the complexity of this great servant of God.

A greater understanding of Moses will lead to a greater appreciation of Yeshua, the Prophet like Moses. Looking through the eyes of the ancient Jewish sages, John Atkinson explores some of the similarities and differences between these two pivotal characters.

The Gospel writers cast Jesus as the successor of Moses: the Deliverer who came to save his people. That’s why the five sections of his teaching in Matthew’s Gospel correspond to and fulfill the five books of the Torah revealed to Moses. Matthew depicts Jesus as the counterpart to Moses, not so much in revelation as in redemption. Yeshua is going to bring about the new exodus, not just to a Promised Land but to an Eternal Kingdom. In his second talk John shows how the transfiguration account explains the ancient rabbinic prophecy, “Just as there was a First Saviour (Moses) so there will be a Last (the Messiah).”

Edith Sher looks at the connection between the revelation of God’s Name to Moses at the burning bush, and the “I am” statements of Jesus. She compares Moses and Yeshua in the context of humility, and shows how God can even use an angry man.

Price: ZAR150.00

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