How Kosher are the Christian Festivals?/ Redeeming Ruth

Some Christians believe that Christmas and Easter are pagan festivals that have no place in the Church.

John Atkinson challenges this view in the light of Scripture. After calling for unity in the Body of Messiah he examines the methods generally used to “prove” the pagan origins of Christmas and Easter. He then looks at the disturbing conclusions the same critique would produce if used against the Biblical Festivals of Pesach, Shavu’ot and Sukkot. He concludes with a call to take back the Christian festivals for the sake of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

You will find this talk both challenging and informative.

Edith Sher gives a fascinating teaching on the story of Ruth, the amazing way the book has been structured, and the vital truth it teaches: that as a nation and as individuals, we can redeem our past.

Price: ZAR150.00

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