Opening the Gates of Torah

Christians often leap over the five books of Moses. But without a knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures we cannot have an accurate understanding of the New Testament.

The influence on the Early Church of Marcion and the Gnostics contributed to Christian antipathy towards the Hebrew Scriptures. John Atkinson identifies the negative portrayal of the Torah as a fundamental problem in the Church today, and looks at the false dichotomy between law and grace.

Edith Sher gives an out-of-the-box teaching on an unusual aspect of Torah – taxes! She demonstrates that far from being an irrelevant topic for today’s Christian, it has important lessons to teach us about the value God places on us. She examines several intriguing questions: Why was the temple tax described as atonement money? What part did it play in God’s goal of “getting Egypt out of the Israelites?” Why do symbolic acts have such great power? In the New Testament, taxes, more than anything else, symbolise the clash between the false god, Caesar, and the true God, Yeshua.

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