The Stones Cry Out

Dr Garth Gilmour keeps his audience spellbound by relating new discoveries in Biblical archaeology.

Garth Gilmour is a biblical archaeologist based at Oxford in England. He studied at the University of Cape Town before obtaining an MA in Biblical Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a doctorate in the same subject at Oxford University.

In the first two of these illustrated talks he looks at several recent archaeological discoveries in Israel and considers how they cast light on our understanding of the biblical text. Israel as a land flowing with milk and honey is a description that appears more than 50 times in the Hebrew Bible, and yet only recently has archaeological evidence for the domestic production of honey been uncovered.

Secondly, from a remote fortress in southern Judah dated to the time of King David comes an inscription of such critical importance that it is challenging our understanding of the rise of the state in ancient Israel and the date and sophistication of the United Monarchy.

Finally, from an excavation in Jerusalem in the 1920s comes startling evidence of the worship of other gods in the First Temple Period, starkly illustrating the dramatic nature of Josiah’s reforms described in 2 Kings 23.

In the third talk Garth considers the Jewishness of Jesus as revealed in Luke’s gospel, showing how Luke has deliberately inserted references to the Hebrew Scriptures that would have been very significant to religious Jews of his time, but are all too easily lost in translation.

Price: ZAR150.00

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